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24 Ways to Increase Wealth in 2024

Personal finance action steps to create a wealthy life for yourself.

With the New Year upon us I’ve been thinking about simple ways to increase overall wealth. As an Aries, I'm all about strategy. How to make more money. How to pay off debt. How to maximize credit card point, etc.

However this year I'm taking a softer approach. When it comes to personal finances we often only focus on strategy- when in fact to truly increase your wealth it requires a more holistic approach.

Wealth is a mixture of strategy, mindset, environment, goals, and more.

After much consideration I've compiled a list of 24 action items that will increase your overall wealth in 2024.

Grab your notebook and create your To Do list now... here we go:

#1 - Go where the money is

I hate to break it to you, but to increase wealth you'll need to make money. Now is the time to evaluate your current career to ensure it's a high paying field. If there is a low salary cap on your current career you may want to consider changing fields or starting a "side hustle" to supplement your income. I also encourage you to evaluate your current position. Are you holding one of the higher paying positions within your current field?

#2 - Evaluate your circle

This is a tricky one. We all have family and friends who we love, but are completely out of alignment with where we are going in life. For those people, you don't have to cut them off completely but you should probably consider limiting your interaction with them. Don't include them in your daily circle. For everyone else, if they aren't adding value limit contact with them immediately. As they say "birds of a feather flock together"- surround yourself with people who inspire you to achieve the version of your life you're striving for.

"Know where you want to go and make sure the right people know about it." – Meredith Mahoney

#3 - Ignore the Naysayers

When you decide to level up and strive for a wealthy life there will be those who respond with the "yassssssss" and fully support you, then there will be the others. The "all she cares about is money", "you think you're better than people", "it's not that serious" crowd. Ignore the hell out of them. Seriously, IGNORE them. There's no way to defend yourself against those kinds of people. They are committed to a specific narrative about you and the only way to fight it would be to go against the goals and lifestyle changes you've set for yourself. Ignore them.

#4 - Avoid paying credit card interest

In today's economy this one may be tough. However, start where you are with what you have. When using credit cards try to pay them off in full every month. If that's not possible commit to at least paying off one of them in full monthly. Ideally the card with the highest interest rate should be paid in full monthly. Interest costs a lot of us a lot of money. Try to avoid it when possible. Especially in 2024 as you may see your CC interest rates increase.

#5 - Reevaluate your attitude

I know you've seen the quotes on social media saying "remember when you prayed to be exactly where you are" - well, that includes having that job too! I've seen an uptick in women complaining about having to go to work, about all the responsibilities they carry at work, about the shortcomings of their company or it's leadership, etc. Listen- I get it. This next statement is not to minimize your grievances, but to remind you to gain perspective. There was a time when you applied for that position and were happy when you got it. You were happy when you received your first paycheck, happy when you woke up and had a job to go to. Happy to pay your bills, grateful for financial stability. Revisit that place. Remind yourself of why you're working there and all the good it contributes to your life. Go to work with a fresh attitude and renewed sense of gratitude.

#6 - Don’t watch the news

Cable news channels and social media news channels are full of negativity and propaganda. Either opt out completely or limit the amount of news you consume. It will leave room for emotional and mental clarity throughout your day. It will leave you with the room to visualize and strategize your wealthy life. Side Note: unfollowing The Shade Room, Hollywood Unlocked, CNN, and CNN Politics at the beginning of last year was the best thing I could have done for myself.

#7 - Find a millionaire

Look around at your family and friends, your parents friends, church family, co workers, social org members, etc. Find someone who is a millionaire and study them. If you don't have any millionaires in close proximity find one online and study their lifestyle and decisions. Pay attention. You can learn a lot from people. We all need a bit of a road map.

#8 - Get comfortable switching companies

I know many of us get comfortable in our companies and don't want to leave. It may be due to vesting, seniority, complacency, whatever. This is your sign to switch companies for a pay increase. Usually switching companies will result in a 15-20% pay increase. Imagine doing it a handful of times- you can double your income within a few years. Alternatively, if you are a business owner get comfortable raising your prices with increased value.

#9 - Advocate for yourself

At work let your company know you are interested in a promotion. Don't be shy. A closed mouth won't get fed.

#10 - Invest early and often

Again, start where you are with what you have. By not investing you're only cheating yourself. There is no doubt you will need the extra money in life. Invest early and as often as possible. If you need a guide or a tribe check out The Star Method.

#11 - Automate your bills

Ok so along with setting up automatic drafts for your bill pay and investments i'd also suggest implementing the 2 checking accounts system. This system is simply creating one checking account for all incoming funds (income) with no outgoing transactions attached to it. The other is for all outgoing transactions (expenses) with the only incoming transaction being an auto draft from your income checking account to your expense checking account to cover expenses. Hope that makes sense. The main point here is to automate.

#12 - Stop keeping up with the "Jones"

You know- Mr and Mrs Jones across the street with the 2024 matching BMWs, or Mr and Mrs Jones you follow on Instagram with the matching Van Cleef bracelets, meticulously decorated home, and monthly vacations. Yep, stop trying to keep up with them. Decide what you want to splurge on and then cut costs aggressively on everything else. People will try to make you feel broke when you don't subscribe to what society says you should have. Don't fall for it! Set your financial goals, drink your water, mind your business, and stick to your spending plan.

#13 -Cut back on partying and drinking

It's expensive.

#14 - Maximize what you have first

Don't go into the year thinking about what you need. Instead focus on what you have and how to maximize it. You wouldn't believe how many pieces of furniture in my home have been repurposed to different rooms when I change decor. Same goes for small things like notebooks- instead of going to Target to buy an annual notebook as I always do I simply looked through the stack of notebooks I have and chose a couple that I gently used in prior years. Or books- when i'm in the mood to read and "become a better me" lol, instead of heading to Amazon and buying new books I look through my bookshelf and chose a couple books I know I'd get more out of if I read it a second time. Maximize what you have before accumulating more. SIDE NOTE: when it's time to buy more find a couple items you can sell to balance things out.

#15 - Look for opportunity in everything

This concept can be difficult to explain. It's one of those things that just kind of happens. Reading can greatly accelerate this process. Reading opens your mind to various perspectives and possibilities. You will naturally start to see opportunity previously unknown to you.

#16 - Say YES when opportunity knocks

Do things scared, do it uninformed, figure it out as you go... just say yes.

#17 - Have open conversations with your children about money

As millennial parents many of us have moved away form the "don't touch nothing" "don't ask for nothing" style of parenting. We ball out on the kids these days... and they know it. They have NO problem asking for more and being very specific about the quality they want. Having open conversations about the value of money with your children may help balance things out. I don't suggest the "money doesn't grow on trees" mindset because we don't want to create children with scarcity mindset, but maybe open up the budget spread sheet and show them how the money works within the household. Acquiring wealth as a family is a team effort.

#18 - Create a financial date night

By yourself or with a spouse- set aside designated time to review your money at least once per month. Make it a vibe. Try to minimize stress. Light a candle. Have some tea or wine. Sit at a restaurant. Whatever you need to do. Prioritize the time.

#19 - Simplify your investment strategy

Make it a no brainer. This can take many forms, you can choose one index fund and simply buy it over and over again. You can find a guide to help with telling you what to buy. You can chose robo advising. Whatever you do just make it easy.

#20 - Get a mentor asap

Find someone who already knows what you want to know and can teach you quickly. It's the biggest life hack ever.

#21 - Create a word, theme, or mission statement for the year

Think about what feels right. What direction you want to go in. What version of yourself you're trying to manifest and choose a word, theme or mission statement. When you're done, ensure every decision you make aligns with it.


Women often get caught up in the "right or wrong" mindset. Don't let that be you. Have audacity.

#23 - Set boundaries and say no as often as necessary 

This really doesn't need further explanation. You know where this applies in your life.

#24 - Make decisions quickly

The longest it should take you to make any decision is 3 days. After that it's just procrastination.

Simple enough, right?

Remember- "Rome wasn't built in a day".

Don't rush through the list.

Pick a couple actions from the list to complete weekly throughout the year.

I wish you nothing but Prosperity!

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Talk soon, Star

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