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Women's Private Stock Investing Group

6 intense mastermind sessions in 6 weeks Date TBD

"It's time to shift your Mindset from a

Consumer to an Investor"

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Why join #psig?

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What is #psig?


Our Women's Private Stock Investment Group (PSIG) is a private society of women investors. We meet once per week for 6 weeks to learn about various aspects of Stock Investing. You will also receive up to date, budget friendly stocks to get your portfolio started. You will receive stocks in different industries to demonstrate the importance of having a "diversified portfolio" (don't worry we will cover what that means in class). This is an opportunity to join a dynamic society of like-spirited women interested in making money in the stock market leading to financial security. This is for long term investors NOT trading.

Important Note:

Once you join, we're kinda tied to one another for life! 
Seriously though, at the end of the mastermind you will receive a completion/ membership certificate in the mail AND gain access to our private Facebook page to get to know the other PSIG alumni and keep up with stock market information. 

What we'll Cover

  • the 2 reasons people invest in the stock market

  • how to become an investor with very little effort

  • what NOT to do in the stock market

  • how to pick stocks according to your financial goals

  • how to identify a good stock pick

  • what industries you should invest in

  • how to purchase and sell stocks

  • how to read stock charts

  • how to calculate %yield, P/E, P/B, etc (technical calculations)

  • fundamental analysis of stock

  • common sense approach to picking stocks

  • investing strategies by age range

  • how to utilize the features of your Broker account

  • how to look up company investment info

  • key indicators of choosing stocks

  • excising your shareholder rights

  • how to best maximize the money you make in the stock market

  • what is a diversified stock portfolio and how to build one

  • types of stock by company $ value and how to profit from them

  • great stocks to purchase on a budget 

  • how to easily explain investing to your loved ones

  • how to look up stocks you may be interested in buying

  • how to identify when a stock is expected to increase in value

  • Weekly homework assignments to ensure you are retaining the info

  • Assigned Accountability partner

Important Dates

  • TBD


All sales are FINAL. 100% Non Refundable or Transferable
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Join #psig to learn how to create a stream of passive income and plan for your future, children's future, or retirement with very little effort. Shift your money mindset by learning to invest in the stock before the product. Gain information which will change the trajectory of your life and the generations following. Bottom line, stop being the statistic they expect you to be and transform into the investor you deserve to be!

Here's what our #psig Alumni are saying about their experience 

Stock Market Bootcamp (PSIG)
Stock Market Bootcamp (PSIG)
Stock Market Bootcamp (PSIG)
Stock Market Bootcamp (PSIG)
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