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If we have to wear them, why not make a statement?


"Collecting assets" is a pretty bold statement.


It's our belief at SBH that we should surround ourselves with the energy in which we want to align ourselves. This high quality face covering does just that. Walk into any room wearing this face covering and you will not only be noticed, but also Respected. Honestly, wouldn't your respect meter go up a few notches if you noticed a person walk by wearing this?


The whole world will be wearing face covering for the foreseeable future, be sure to make a statement with yours. Our face mask is embroidered and therefore will last a very long time without cracking or fading. This is in contrast to the average designed face covering which is typically created via printing.

Below is an insert regarding the sheer quality of embroidered garments. Feel free to click the link to learn more about the quality.


Embroidery is more durable

When your printed or embroidered shirt is first delivered, both will look fabulous, however, with wear and tear, time and a few washes, the custom printing may well be starting to fade, crack or peel. An embroidered design though, should last the life of the garment and continue to look good well beyond what you’d get from a printed design. If your design is for a one off event, then perhaps the cheaper option, which would normally be printing, is the one you’d probably go for, but in all other cases, especially for staff uniforms, embroidery is far more durable and therefore the better option.


All Sales are Final. Non Refundable. Non Transferable.

"Collecting A$$ets" Face Covering

SKU: 00003
Color: Black
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  • All Sales are Final. Non Refundable. Non Transferable.

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