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6 Money moves to make in 2021

Ok, so we made it into 2021 (do a little happy dance lol)!

Now that we're here, it's important for us to get super focused on our personal finances. Below you will find 6 easy-to-implement action steps that every woman should start now.

1. Define what Generational Wealth means to you

2020 was the year of "building generational wealth". However, what I found is most people have not taken the time to clearly define what generational wealth means to them. I encourage you to take some time and a piece of paper to write down what defines generational wealth in your life. For some, it’s money to pass down. Others define it as real estate, investments, or a business to pass down. What does generational wealth mean to you?

2. Save $21 per Week

Last year my tribe (the #prosperitytribe) started the year with the $5 challenge. This year we are doing the $21 Challenge. This is a super easy challenge which requires you to save $21 cash per week. Although some may think $21 per week is not worth saving, I definitely disagree. The purpose of saving the $21 is to build your "Saving Muscle". It's similar to the theory of creating or breaking a habit in 30 days. The more you practice saving, the easier it will become. Additionally, the easier the saving goal, the more likely you are to consistently save. Tip: grab a mason jar and stash your $21 cash in it every week.

3. Set 2 very specific Financial Goals

Often times when we think about our personal finances, we get overwhelmed with all the areas we want to tackle. We think about saving, budgeting, investing, repaying debt, credit, real estate, etc. Do yourself a favor and set two VERY specific financial goals for the year. Your financial goal should include: what the goal is, why you are setting the goal, and how (financially) you plan to achieve said goal. After you establish what your two goals are for the year, follow up with actionable steps you will take to achieve the goal.

4. Unfollow Social Media accounts that don't align with your financial goals

Ok so, let's be honest, there are about a million+ personal finance pages between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Clubhouse, Pinterest, Youtube, and every other social media platform. While they are all great and can add value to your life, they may not all contribute to you staying focused on your set financial goals. If your goal is to start saving, perhaps you can unfollow most of the stock investing pages your following. If it's a page you really like, make a list of your fave social media pages in the Notes app on your phone and label them by topic. That way you can go back to them when their content is in alignment with your financial goals. Tip: you may also consider following finances pages who align with your goals if you aren't already.

5. Determine how you will celebrate yours WINs

When it comes to personal finance- morale is the name of the game! A suggestion to stay motivated and keep striving toward your financial is to determine now, how you will celebrate your WINs. A WIN is an accomplishment. Hitting a milestone in your financial journey. If your goal is to save money for a home downpayment, a WIN might be the first $1000 you save. If your goal is to become debt free, a WIN may be the moment you finish setting up payment arrangements on all of your debt accounts. Celebrate your WINs in any way that is satisfying to you. It could be buying a bottle of your favorite wine, or simply striking out the task in a pretty colored highlighter (using highlighters to strike tasks is very satisfying to me, don't judge me lol). Determine now how you will celebrate yourself.

6. Write your Money Affirmations

I am a firm believer in money affirmations. Not in the "they’re just like magic" kind of way, but more in the "I want to train my brain to see opportunity" type of way. Write down some of your favorite affirmations in places you see often throughout the day. The refrigerator, bathroom mirror, lock screen of your cell phone are all great examples. Some of my favorite money affirmations are " Money is attracted to me", "There is enough money for me and everyone I know to be wealthy", and " I am in full control of my ability to earn income: You can learn more about my relationship with money affirmations here.

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